Wednesday, February 1, 2012

From Poems For Change

Once upon a time was too often
when full moon splendor
came only once every thirty days,
So I looked for you
in sunlight by the sea as well
as in your book of chosen words,
stones cut and chiseled
that surging breakers dash upon
lifting spumes and misty
rainbows in worshipful display.

Your sunlight, salty sea,
your words like walls
the watchful walk upon,
not only when stars sing,
but in the green moss
at mother's soft breast,
babe whispers,
lisping your name.

I heard your voice in the wood-cutters song,
a bamboo flute
by the brookling waters fall,
felt you at night between stars
in the cradle of my beginning
because once upon a time
is too often
when full moon splendor
comes only once every thirty days.

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