Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Trail Of Hope

The Altar is stripped,
hushing the frivolous spirit,
light through the stainglass
shines pure color
holy wonder
on the black shrouded
rough wooden cross

The temple veil was torn
beginning from the high ceiling
down to the floor
exposing the holiest of all.

There was midnight darkness
at midday.

There was a funeral
two thousand years ago
that we never forget.

It ended with an explosion
of ascendant life.

Now there is hope,
a way of hope,
a trail of hope to follow,
for us all.


  1. Published two posts at once today: Pass the Peace, Please and Pass the Peace, Pt. 2: Shift Happens. I quoted a bit of this poem (with attribution). You, a couple of sparrows and The Grateful Dead. Mea culpa. Mea extremis culpa.

    1. In His Name,
      the Name above all Names,
      I gladly forgive.

      The honor is all
      and always