Monday, December 16, 2013

Like Christmas

Stone Of Stumbling,
Rock Of Offense,
You are the light
Every Christmas tree

Lightening Rod Of Wrath,
You are the Candle
that lit the candle
in my window.

Rose Of Sharon,
Jessie's Root,
O Promised One,
As before, soldiers
Look to abort your coming
This time in your people,

Word Made Flesh,
Greater your grace to us all
Than the guillotine.

Catacombs are ready
To be populated again

Pens are sharpened,
Ink mixed,  parchment unrolled,
Thankful records of your mercies
In flourish and flowers are recorded.

This is Christmas,
For those who have not forgotten,
String the lute,
Celebrate Jesus born Saviour
Of all who will to be saved.

Creator of the world,
You came to us,
You came in us,
Will come with a million candles
for us again!


  1. Yes, He has lit us up! That line, "the candle that lit the candle in my window" will be echoing in my mind for a while.

  2. Thank-you, GretchenJoanna! Blessings to you and all yours!

  3. just re read this. It is so good and I like that candle line, too!