Saturday, March 16, 2013


We are slain by fear of death,
Yet death died for all in Him,

In Him we rise when morning dawns.

Wind rises, falls in forests dark and thoughtful,
Evening vespers in the leaves of trees,
Singing like the sea.

A choir of voices in the stone chapel
Worship the Lord of new day,
Day that is past and tomorrow that shall come.

Be with us tonight as we sleep

Be with us tomorrow as we rise

We sing amen upon this day,
Thank-you and amen.

Tonight as we sleep,
between the alleluia and the alleluia,
fill our sleeping dreams.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Building A Church

Come, stone upon stone, then lay the timbers,
Freshly cut cedars from the hills around,
Pause in the labour, gaze on the harbours
Calm waters from this hillside looking down,
A church on a hill, we build it with love,
Come, you are welcome, we all volunteer,
Worship with hammer and saw, ragged glove,
What skills we possess are all welcome here.
Now lift up the tall walls, and brace them square,
Then we'll hoist roof beams with a hired crane,
Roof members uniting high in the air,
Church members uniting, pray for no rain,
Hammering shingles with unbroken praise,
Steeple bell ringing, our faces ablaze!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Easter Victory

Some war is not rapid-fire, nor cyber,
Nor martial arts, breaking bones, strikes of pain,
Nor greater grit, tougher moral fibre
Wins the battle, victory to attain,
A cross on Golgatha stands forever,
The tomb is empty, the stone out of play,
A battle was fought and won that never
Fired a bullet nor blew cities away,
Death sank cowering in utter defeat
A kingdom descended, a city of light
Darkness scattered in glorious retreat
The risen Redeemer now throned in might
Death bloody killed, prison served, justice done,
Let Easter peaceful dawn, no firing gun.