Saturday, December 22, 2012

What Is Christmas 2012

Christmas is the celebration
of an assault of love
upon a universe that did not know,
not enough to care.

An attack on Christmas
is an attack on the very foundations
of eternally amazing love.

The deep isolating unfamiliarity
of outer space,
its cold unfeeling fact
is all that is left
without the assault
of Christmas love.

Meditate on the love
that brings our only

Christmas is the time.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Seeking You

There is a longing,
Originating on planet earth,
Tendrils that drift
Throughout the universe,
Seeking something,
Seeking you,

When you return,
Will you remember me,
We cry in other words,
confused as we are--
We love you, we need you,
Remember this beautiful planet
You made.

You visited once,
And left us Christmas.

You even live in your people
Who remind us of your personality,

Remember us,
We killed you
And don't know why,
We need salvation still,
This beautiful planet you made,
Remember us,
We need your rescue,

Our hearts were made for you,
Everything else
Is a memory shadow,
a broken template.
Surely soon shall be your return
and the new age begin!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Magi's Journey

looked for beauty,
found her and lost her again and again.
looked in places she had never been,
Found life in a stable,
A way,
A truth,
A child's hope,
Found you.

Last Night

In The Christmas Lullaby,
John Rutter's masterpiece,
During the cradling Ave Maria,
while the women's singing soared,
caressing the polished wood
and stain glass windows,
I heard Jesus joining in,
his gentle voice filling the universe,
felt his love for his dear mother,
for all the mothers,
and motherhood,
one of his
perfect Christmas gifts
to us all.