Sunday, February 13, 2011

From Under The Altar

 When all is said and done
at the end where the circle
begins again,
the buying and the selling,
the marrying and giving in marriage,
as in the days of Noah
before the flood,

when all is said and done,
and the Book Of Meanings
mighty tome be closed again,

will there be anyone looking,
expecting, watching, for
another door to open,
the clouds and sky to part
like the sea before Moses,

Will anyone not sating mindless
appetite, or lost in violence of blood,
look skyward with longing and understanding
and child-like trust,
ready to meet the master, Holy One,
on your return?

Or will you only find
a dead world to burn?

Fire rises from the coals
this frozen day,
circles licking round my fresh log,
tasting it,
then hungrily devours.

Who can tame this lust?
Yet the conflagration of each feeding
warms my hearth for hours.

How long, O Lord?

My love seeks living trees to redeem
and nurture,

summer voices sing to.

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