Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Journey Prayer

we have come so far
from anger and rebellion
to this candle lit parchment
in a dusty document library
mysterious with words like "chastity", "modesty",
and "fidelity".

we have walked in your city,
with its leaded stain glass windows,
through quaint old landscape tapestries,
into green farm lands,
cottage clustered villages,
your forgotten kingdom.

Simply kindle in us again
the creative fire of desire and vision,
collecting gifts we find to give,
scribbled scenes,
pages of torn poetry,
kingdom fragments

where you lift the fallen,
rejuvenate the broken,
make the shattered vessel
whole again.

trails of fallen leaves
we follow to the ampitheatre
where hope sings.


  1. wow, this one is great...hope sings...

  2. Charles,

    I have missed your writes! Your Journey Prayer is beautiful. Yes, kindle in us again!

    May God richly bless your steps today.

  3. Thank-you, When He Whispers, and Leslie! :-)