Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Kingdom Of Heaven

Kingdom of heaven,
that secret fairy tale
in your deepest heart,
almost forgotten,
oak chest hidden,
coin of gold.

Gospel is a key,
opens your eyes--
claims the tale be true,

more true than your fantasies
ever dreamed.

Claims kingdom of heaven
is a land that extends
to wherever
King Jesus rules.

It grows by annexation:
wherever a municipality
or principality or village
or burrough
or single human heart
yields rulership to him,
there is the kingdom

It is a place of light and joy,
a place free of darkness,
bondage to sin,
a place of exuberant life,
quiet confidence,
trust and peace,
where all is trasparent,
pure as a mountain stream,
unselfconscious as a child.

A country where no penitent
is ever refused immigration.

Kingdom of heaven
goes wherever its citizen goes,
extends to whatever his hands
and thought-forms touch.

The citizen of that kingdom
cannot imagine anything
within its borders
of righteousness and light,
anything that is not
more beautiful and true,
powerful to the tearing
down of evil strongholds,
whose  child-like laughter
puts demons to flight
a raucous black flock
of clumsy crows.

Its power is irresistable,
cannot be defeated.

The kingdom of heaven sparkles
and shines like a city
of crystal and precious stones,
descends from the sky,
settles upon the earth
like snow or feathers of golden leaves,
one yielded heart at a time.

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  1. You say so much in this wonderful poem. I especially like the stanza that begins with "It grows by annexation..." May God's annexation in our lives be complete!

    (By the way, your poem "Poor and Very Small" published on my devo blog December 25th in "Feed Trough Birth". Thanks again for giving permission.)