Friday, June 15, 2012

The Supplicant

Businesses have come and gone
along the road from Skidigate to Tlell,
or fallen to gross disrepair and negligence,
but ocean tide still swells and receeds.

Along this coast highway,
sea wind blows and sun shines
as ever it has,
waves glinting or tumbling ashore.

The Haida Gwaii are still
radiant islands,
I am still called to pilgrimage,
 to attempt a memorial to the beautiful.

I raise my tent now,
in this moment,
a supplicant in your presence,
a mercy monger
in your mossy forest,
sitka spruce,
cedar and hemlock.


  1. Are you presently on 'pilgrimage'? Lovely atmosphere in this poem.

  2. I am always on pilgrimage, if only from my armchair. This poem came from the archives. :-)

    1. Aww, I thought maybe you were there in person. But wonderful archives. What else do you have squirelled away there?