Saturday, December 22, 2012

What Is Christmas 2012

Christmas is the celebration
of an assault of love
upon a universe that did not know,
not enough to care.

An attack on Christmas
is an attack on the very foundations
of eternally amazing love.

The deep isolating unfamiliarity
of outer space,
its cold unfeeling fact
is all that is left
without the assault
of Christmas love.

Meditate on the love
that brings our only

Christmas is the time.


  1. What startling words: " assault of love
    upon a universe that did not know..."

    Your image of cold, unfamiliar, isolating, deep outer space brings home the contrast of what happened with what if it hadn't. This poem takes me past the sentimentality of Christmas to its sobering roots in the plan of God. Reason to "Meditate..." indeed!

  2. Thank you, Violet! The DNA of love. Where would our genetic strain be without it?

  3. Charlie:
    This is a most beautiful thought...Christ's, now.