Wednesday, December 18, 2013

To The Vortex Of Christmas

Jesus Lamb of God,
Jesus on whom the Spirit-like Dove descends,
Jesus in whose vortex
Every star and planet,
In whose vortex every galaxy spins,

Holy mystery,
Terrifying beauty,
From the centre of all that is
You come with
Words of love
For every individual of humankind.

Made flesh,
A mist, a vapour,
A sacrifice,
Wings twinkling like bells
In the sunlight,

A lamb,
Bleeding on the altars
Of our rebellion,
You visit earth
By human child,
Evading just long enough
Our forceps and knives
To leave us words of salvation,

Sweet resonance of angel choirs,
 Reconcile by innovation
By love and forgiveness
Guilty man and Holy God.

Forgive us O Lord,
So bringing peace,
By your Mercy redeem us.

Light that sings
From the centre of the universe,
Our hearts shall be filled
With your song.

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