Saturday, June 17, 2017


You played your accordion
Standing under a young tree
At the farmers market
Or not standing, you danced,
Your whole lithe body
Barefoot in scuffed leather shoes
Your soaring improvisations
Sailed above tents and crowds
At times growling greeting to the dogs
Or singing with birds
Whose tree lofts
Shaded busy coffee tables and chairs. 

Tall and thin, an elvan man, 
Unself conscious,
You danced to your own music
Weaving like tendrils of mist,
Songs rising within 
as you gave it birth. 

Suddenly I knew
It was just like this
The universe was born. 


  1. Charlie it is nice to see you are posting your poetry again. I have always enjoyed your insights and words.

  2. Bringing to life a pleasant memory!