Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Wild Grace

I was praying on my porch,
Or writing a poem,
Tiny jeweled frogs sang
Around the garden pond,
Sun had set, it was cooling.
Suddenly a rustle,
A stag and his
Following doe
Sailed silently by--

A rustle, then wild grace,
A poem-prayer,
An answer.


  1. Hi Charles,
    I have two pair of your boots in need of resoling. Do you have any recommendations as to who will be able to do the work? By the way, your boots have been AWESOME! Thank you.
    Mathew Dussault

  2. Hello Charles, Are you still writing poetry. We have a blog with four poets and are looking to add another couple. Your poetry was always fabulous. send me an email if interested at

  3. I am deeply honoured by your request and will be glad to accept.