Monday, February 20, 2012

After The Earthquake

Stinging gnats, scorpions,
Deceptions, illusions,
Harmless entertainments,
We are weakened,

Until none can survive
The collapse of buildings
Anywhere in the world
With loved ones buried,
Instantly under shattered
Tons of concrete.

For that, one needs
A real living God.

All those who will
Are called upon to pray,
Those who can
Must dig.

Candles we lit with love,
In a trembling moment,
Plunged beneath
A stony sea.

Let all tears,
Even our animals weep.


  1. Reading your earthquake poem on the anniversary of last year's Christchurch earthquake. I was in the Jan 12, 2010 one in Haiti. You are right: "one needs (everyone) a real living God."

    1. I posted that poem with much fear and prayer and trepidation. I want it to be one of love and encouragement, not judgement. I know how earthquakes are a very real thing and cause very real death and pain.