Friday, February 17, 2012

Poet's Prayer

Let my words
eddy ebb and flow
with currents of tribal sea
streams of light
threads of blood

let them be marbles
in the canyons teeth
rolling in the mouth
of swollen flume

let them fall with rattle
and battle roar
unharnessed tides
surging after the moon

at war with all
but the canoe
threading upstream
between skirmish
and silver beam
paddled strong-shouldered
where river churns
by Desire and his lover
Gentle Dream

til an island
where tall pines
shelter a cabin

in whose window warmly
an oil lamp in darkness


  1. I like that idea of the words tumbling down, rushing all over almost keeping a cocoon of safety around the canoe, then to real safety, the lovely warmth of a light in the cabin window. Very nice to 'hear' it move. And-you must know I have a little cabin in the woods, so am partial to this outdoor scene. Thank you!

    1. All our experiences enrich our writing, don't they? I have battled many a summer storm in a canoe heading home to my cabin by the lake--sometimes it was a real cabin, sometimes a tent, sometimes a small motorhome!