Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Rooted in an empty ache,
Lurking deep,
Longing for the real,
Heavier denser,
Uncounterfitable thing,
Gold or platinum,
A relationship you can test
With your teeth,
Sink in a little and leave a mark,
Something the world will die for,
Cannot buy at any price,
You have seen it, tasted it,
The flavor will never leave you,
An embrace that changes you forever.

You are authentic now,
You are real now,
But the joy is deeper than mortality,
It has sunk into the Great Grand Know,
The ripples of its sinking leave
Those aching shadows,
Wet footprints
 In your eyes.

You would never trade or sell
At any price,
You belong to the Authentic,
He belongs to you,
It is not what you dreamed,
Both better and different,
Not what you wear,
But now who you are,
Simply who you are,
Resting in arms
No one sees or knows.

1 comment:

  1. I probably haven't read half your poetry..I am re reading...these are top quality and deserve wider audience..