Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pool Of Siloam

Even when you try, you can never go back.

Lord Of All Variety
moves differently today than yesterday.

He may stir another pattern wave
into the same pool.

Others are watching now,
do they know it was an angel?

the old power awaits the arrival
of His channel,
the old watchers have forgotten
why they are here,

it has been so long since the water
has been stirred,
why should the water be distorted now,

its placid surface reflects
our faces so well.


  1. I might copy this and stick it in my prayer book - you capture so well way the Holy Spirit works in our lives, so personally and individually, that we rarely see each other's angels. And how we need to see the face of God -- we go insane looking at our own faces day after day.

    1. So well expressed, Gretchen-Joanna! How true how "we rarely see each other's angels"! God Himself came and healed at the Pool Of Siloam while the watchers gazed at the waters...