Thursday, March 1, 2012

Quantum Concert For Advent

In the beginning
The violins were out of tune,
Indeed, there were no violins,
No tune.

The stage was dark,
No one could see,
The stage was not
Even in the building,
There was no building.

There was only the Maestro.

When He lifted His baton,
Nothing listened,
Nothing was ready.

No one saw the descisive down beat
Or heard the command:

Yet instantly
A stagelight
Flashed on in the darkness,
The stage itself appeared
In a concert hall filled
With breathless watchers.

The Maestro swung his baton
Again at the empty stage,
On beat another “BE”,
Instantly colours never seen
Exploded into a garden
Of flowers and trees

Music began
With tumbling  shore-line waves,
Chuckling brooks,
Wind in the trees,
Rising and falling
Like the breathing
Of a new-born planet.

On His fifth mighty swinging
Clouds of singing birds
Teemed tree and sky
Schools of fish
Swarmed in the sea.

Bird song rose and fell
In waves of leaf-rustling wind.

His symphony was playing well.

The finale,
Beat number six,
The commanding baton,
Crowning creative
Pronounciation of “BE”

Filled the garden with animals
Species and sizes, furs and hooves,
Paws and claws,
And then,

Then man made his grand entrance,
Cosmic rafters rang wildly,
Shouts and applause
That went on and on;

Two beautiful creatures
Strolling a perfect garden,
Male and female,
Mates in His image,

Each rehearsing a song,
Each with their own baton!

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