Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Coffee Camaradarie

In this early morning moment,
men only
in small groups, talking,
solving problems small and large,
sports, politics, jobs, business, trades,
vicariously enjoying the victories
of sport heroes,
pontificating upon what is wrong with the world,
how it should be righted,
bursts of laughter,
raised ernest voices
excersizing authoritative stances
in friendly jousts,
enjoying male rough and tumble,
small victories in good spirit,
conquering little mountains,
having the final word, the chuckled applause,
the recognitiion, achievement,
ascent carried on the shoulders of peers.

Then all is done.
Each leaves cheerfully in fellowship
to meet the challenges of the day,
selected scaffolding words,
bolstering, imboldening,
re-ringing in their ears.

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