Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Let The River Flow

Mind cannot be forced
to uncover what mind knows
so floodgates must be opened
drain the buried mountain garden
let the river flow

A cat lies sleeping
on a sun-warm window sill
something alert
something still

from mountain cavern
to blinding sky
our rivers flow to the sea

Dying salmon surge up stream
backward in time
Pentecost to Gethsemane

Angels sing marking turns in history
song that dances on the draining water

sunlight dances on the water
dances over secrets
carried in the water
from garden to the sea
let them be.

Angels sing and history turns
song that dances on the water
moonlight dances on the water
Jesus walks upon the sea
beckons me.


  1. For some happy reason, your beautiful poem reminds me of Emily Carr, not of the details but of the sounds and colors in her images.



  2. Thank-you, Maria! That is high praise indeed! I love Emily Carr's paintings, an artist unafraid of the tyranny of convention and very original in her treatment of the Rain forest! :-)

  3. I might also add that now we live an hour from Emily's birthplace and have lived in the area of the world she loved best, it might be fitting that the poetry sound like Emily...