Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lemming Love

I would have gathered you,
but my sweet lemming,
in congregational lust
you rioted and ran
for the rush of salt bitten air,
intoxication of sheer flight,
shock of inevitability,
abandonment to surrender,
to surging suffocation,
frothing promises
of prosperity.

Spontaineous imperceptible choices
levered timbered porticos.

Traps of wire,
opened, closed,
the seascape
thundered, grinding stone,
clanked bolts, wire traps
snapped behind,
mysteries of the deep
throttled your last breath.

Instantly unregretted,
yesterday unremembered,
you slumber now in tidal swung
shrouds of seaweed.

My lemming love,
beyond signatures of indenture,
beyond sacrificial offerings
of things never yours,
to gods who never lived,
my lemming love,
my love,
rocking in the Neep and Spring,
then cast in lifeless dream,
rubbles of mercy and grace among,
upon my shining shoreline resurrection.  

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