Sunday, January 22, 2012

North Songs Of Hope

The fierce North Wind outside
sings lullabies
with Snow Mary
for Ice Baby Jesus
swaddled warm in caribou,
lying in a sealskin bed

Flakes fly all around,
moths with crystal wings
flutter in kennel fish-oil light,

A choir in my stove fire
sings “glory, glory, glory
to God in the highest,
on earth, peace
to men of good will...”

Across the moonlit snow,
tracks of wise men in mukluks
go, seeking Him the star
who parts sky-falling curtains
of colour
legended by ancient tongues
orally passed down
from prophets of old:

“The hope of all mankind has come,
Jesu the Saviour is born,
Jesu is born!”


  1. Yes! The whole Creation is singing this song. Glory to God!

  2. Thank-you for reading, and commenting, and joining in the song!